Spirit of Arya Ceylon (Private) Limited (SAC) is a Company incorporated in 2020 under the Companies Act (bearing the registration number PV 00223274), having its registered office and principal place of business operations at #70/2/3 A, 2nd Floor, Colombo YMBA Building, Colombo – 08.

E-commerce-defining the business in terms of the modern aspect, became one of the themes of SAC; maintain the biosphere of “made in Sri Lanka” concept and, inherited traditions and business ethics, the Company markets selected products with exclusive quality and sensitive to the lifestyles of domestic and overseas prospective customers in the light of electronic channeling. In its mission, SAC unveiling series of products, improving the quality of life standard, spirituality, healthcare and naturalism. SAC accesses 24 District and 16 countries with its strength and continuing the mission for a further spread.  

“a Land like NO other”, Sri Lanka, a miracle of Asia, exploring the pride of its eternal heritance, invites domestic as well as overseas tourists to experience its endemic beauty, geographical and climatic variety and hospitality with the blessings of eternal truth-“Theravada Buddhism” and its practices; leisure, one of the long-standing business sectors in Sri Lanka, not made an appropriate weight for its real strengths. SAC scrutinized the sensitive elements pertaining to the international tourism in Sri Lankan context and adopted appropriate measures to improve same, in an exclusive manner.

Ultimate objective of Spirit of Arya Ceylon is “exploring the pride of eternal heritance”.

SAC is a long-standing concept of Mr. Shamen Kumar and Mrs. Kusala Bulathsinghala extended her utmost cooperation to accomplish the corporative objectives and both hold the offices of Director of the Company.