Ceylon Venture Capital (Private) Limited (CVC) is a Company, incorporated in 2010 under the Companies Act (bearing the registration number PV 74952), having its registered office at #36/44, Rosmead Place, Colombo – 07 and principal place of business operations at #70/2/3 A, 2nd Floor, YMBA Building, Colombo – 08.


Being a Company that promotes strategic business alliances, CVC contributed for number of venture formations. CVC, a Company for marketing planning, strategic formulation and business reengineering, successfully continues its operations to date. Extending the systemization program, CVC continues its operations in the industry of information and communication technology, in association with VistaNet Systems (Private) Limited. Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP) solutions have been successfully implemented to the business incorporations in the sectors of manufacturing, leisure, domestic and overseas trading, distributing, service based organizations, construction, processing, financial services, investments and diversified holdings, to date. With the diversified portfolio, Mr. Shamen Kumar rides the Company towards the revolutionary direction, with the cooperation of its associate Directors, namely, Mr. Sampath Nanayakkara and Mr. Sujith Fonseka also affiliated with its mission.